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Laura's Philosophy


Childbirth is an intimate time with the potential for beautiful memories. I am available to help you experience birth in a way that is meaningful and as comfortable for you as possible.  My role in a birth is to nurture you, listen to your needs, and make suggestions for enhancing your birth experience.  I fully support a partner’s involvement, and will complement their role with suggestions, encouragement, massage, prayer...whatever personalizes the birth for you.  I believe that women should be empowered to make choices with the fullest information available, and I work with you to supplement your knowledge of the childbirth process.  My goal will always be to help you make the choices that are best for you and your baby, and I know that will look different for each woman. I believe that it is an honor to be present when your baby makes his or her way into the world.

What Clients Say:


"Laura Walters made the birth of our first daughter so much more relaxed and easier!

Laura met with us beforehand, helping us think through our birth plan by asking questions to help her, and us, further define what we wanted for the birth and specific comfort measures to use. When Laura came into the hospital room, where many unknown hospital staff members were aiding me, I felt a huge sense of peace descend, because I knew that my personal support person had arrived. During the birth Laura comforted and reassured me at the times when I was most vulnerable and encouraged my husband and helped him with specific ideas of how to support me. Laura also gave us a beautiful write up of the birth story, complete with pictures, which warmed our hearts, reminding us of one of the greatest experiences of our lives!

I truly appreciate and highly recommend Laura Walters as a doula!!" K.A.


"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying by my side during my most vulnerable moments and then sharing in my most beautiful ones. Your support and encouragement meant the world to us.  We will recommend your services and sing your praises for a long time to come.  I will never forget those 22 hours and you are a big reason why I was able to find the strength within me to do it!"  K.T.


"We wanted to thank you again for all of your support during and after the birth  It was such short notice and without having met before you provided amazing support." B.P.


"We loved the birth story! I was surprised when we met after the birth that you had been writing all of these things down.  To me it seemed that you never left my side so it was an amazing surprise that you had been keeping such a detailed report. The story is fantastic because my sense of time and events during labor is so hazy, I really am so happy to have this.   S. G."


"The back massage was the best part of labor.  It really helped me to relax." R.H.


"After a difficult delivery with our first son we knew we wanted to use a doula with our next birth.  We interviewed with several doulas.  We chose Laura because we felt confident in her knowledge and training. She seemed to have a wealth of "tricks" up her sleeve. We felt comfortable with her and cared for by her.

She is a very genuine and compassionate person who listens with intent, wanting to serve you the best way she can. Plus, she delivered 5 of her own babies naturally! Can't ask for much better experience then that.

On the day of our delivery, she was very in tune with my body language. Both my labors were back labors, and when those contractions came on she knew how to counteract the pressure. Her counter pressure saved my life as I went through transition.  She also helped guide my husband in ways that he could help. In early labor we even enjoyed sweet conversations between contractions. 

She also helped bring a calming presence using essential oils, and massage. 

Both my husband and I were super thankful to have Laura on our team. It was a wonderful birth experience for me and my husband.  The support of a doula during labor is immeasurable. I would recommend Laura to anyone looking for a doula!" A.G.


"I was so happy to have Laura with me through the birth of my second child. During my pregnancy, we met with Laura several times to discuss previous experiences as well as preferences and concerns for the upcoming birth. She listened, asked questions, took notes, and offered suggestions. This put my mind at ease. Based on her gentle personality and humble confidence, I knew she would be the right doula for me. She was great with my husband and young daughter as well. True to her word, when labor began in the middle of the night, ten days after my due date, she trekked out to my house and arrived with a smile and words of encouragement. Having her right by my side during labor, explaining what was going on or helping me with pain relief was wonderful. After delivery, she stayed with us until we were settled. She was such a calm, soothing presence throughout the whole process. I would gladly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a doula." R.N.


I would highly recommend Laura Walters for anyone who is considering utilizing the services of a doula. She came as a recommendation to us and I'm glad that we chose her when seeking the services of a doula.  Mrs. Walters was extremely helpful not only during the birthing process, but also prior to our delivery. She provided us with countless resources to help us for not only our delivery, but also for best practices post-delivery.  This is our first child and my husband and I found her to be a wealth of information when preparing for the arrival of our daughter.  Due to all of the information Mrs. Walters provided us with pre-delivery we felt far more condfident when it came time for the birth.  This confidence I believe made for a much more enjoyable birth experience.

In addition to her helpful nature I found Mrs. Walters to play an important role in bringing my daughter into this world. She worked in conjunction with the medical staff at our hospital to help guide my husband and I on everything from how to breath all the way to breast feeding advice post-delivery.   I am truly grateful that we chose her as our doula because her calming presence, caring ways, and helpful nature all worked together to make for an amazing delivery. 


If we have a second child and are still located in this area, we will definitely use the services of Mrs. Walters again!  D.B.



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